Quick Downloads
Download Interlude C6 Client:
1. Download and install Interlude C6 Client.
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Download L2Fenia x45 Patch:
2. Download and install L2Fenia patch.
Mediafire L2Feniax45 patch 2.2v NEW!
Mega.nz L2Feniax45 patch 2.2v NEW!
BestDownload L2Feniax45 patch 2.2v NEW!
1) Download L2interlude Clean client and install it!
2) Download L2Fenia Patch.
3) Delete old system from your Lineage 2 Main folder (Default: C:/Program Files/Lineage II).
4) Extract L2Fenia Patch and replace all files needed.
5) When finish, open L2.exe and join L2Fenia!
Register Account:
4.Create your account and you're ready to go!
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Server Login Game
Custom Dynamic off off
Retail x45 off off

Sever Beta ,Opening will be announced soon!

Welcome to Fenia Interlude Server

L2Fenia is a brand L2Off new server that has been prepared carefully, all features have been checked manually and are working as they should!. Based on several years of research and experience we guarantee great and long term stability to the server. Our goal is to provide an incredible gaming experience to all our community. Join us today, you wont regret it!

Grand opening L2off Fenia X45 will be 27.03.2022 21:00 UTC+1

L2 off Fenia Retail Features Show me

In order to play on our server, you need to create an in-game account Here

Also download the patch server from Download section!

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