Lineage ][ Fenia

dynamic rates Custom Server

With static rates only of:




Our Custom craftable  Armors

Our  custom  Craftable  Weapons 

  • Read NPC description in game !
  • Our server has a reward system based on missions ,in order to take the rewards you have to complete the mission task and the reward is automatic
  • You can search for items and look for drop chances and also can see mobs who drop  and location 
  • You Can Buy and Sell items true our Auction Market System implemented on our comunity board
  • We adapt a auto farm system for interlude  use command : .farm
  • Normal Players can  use our autofarm system 3h per day
  • *Premium Users  can use our auto farm system unlimited.

  • Added  Mana Potion Recipe  Black Swan Quest as Reward .
  • Quest Start On Npc Gosta  In Heine Town
  • Recipe for Mana Potions can be learned by evryone

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how to use our auction market

how to use our auto farm system

how to upgrade Antharas weapons

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