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Download Interlude C6 Client:
1. Download and install Interlude C6 Client.
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Download L2Fenia x45 Patch:
2. Download and install L2Fenia patch.
Mediafire L2Feniax45 patch 2.2v NEW!
Mega.nz L2Feniax45 patch 2.2v NEW!
BestDownload L2Feniax45 patch 2.2v NEW!
1) Download L2interlude Clean client and install it!
2) Download L2Fenia Patch.
3) Delete old system from your Lineage 2 Main folder (Default: C:/Program Files/Lineage II).
4) Extract L2Fenia Patch and replace all files needed.
5) When finish, open L2.exe and join L2Fenia!
Register Account:
4.Create your account and you're ready to go!
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Server Login Game
Custom Dynamic off off
Retail x45 off off

Lll Fenia Server Information


Server Platform: L2OFF - Official Files Interlude
Interlude / Non Custom Craft
Server Timezone: UTC+1
EXP/SP x45
Adena x15
Drop & Spoil x5
Seal Stones x5


Safe +3
Max Weapon: +16
Max Armor/Jewels: +12
Enchant Rate: Retail
Augment: NG: 1% | MID: 2% | HIGH: 3% | TOP: 5%

💥Additional Features💥

Auto learning skills
Auto Potions from server interface
Mana potion recharge 350 mp instant every 10 sec
Advanced Cancel: buffs return after 10 seconds
Offline shop with radius to organize town, need a special item selling in gmshop.
Teleportation free for all Towns. Gk Global
Automatic Donater's in Shop Web site.
Skin system for VIP
Team vs Team: cycle every 6 hours
Fenia events with real money !
Balanced classes
Smoothly working skills & skill cooldowns

💥VIP Bonus💥:

Drop, Spoil and EXP rate x1.3
Remote buff system (.vip)
Special Chat (^ key)
10+ unique looking skins


22+4 slots (Divine Inspiration) (Learning with Divine Inspiration)
1 Hours buffs
Npc Scheme Buffer whit all buffs (Hot Spring buffs,you take them from Hot Springs)
Remote Buff Coin & VIP (Hot Spring buffs)

💥Anti-Buff System:💥

Fighter Anti Buff exceptions: Blessing of Noblesse, Wind Walk, Haste, Pa'agrian Haste, Chant of Fury, Flames of Invincibility, Celestial Shield and Heroic Valor
Mage Anti Buff exceptions: Blessing of Noblesse, Wind Walk, Acumen, Empower, Pa'agrian Haste, Flame Chant, The Wisdom of Pa'agrio, The Soul of Pa'agrio, Flames of Invincibility, Celestial Shield and Heroic Valor

💥Start-up Characters💥:

Full No-Grade gear + basic consumables

💥Game Play💥

Class quest: 1st and 2nd free, 3rd 20kk Adena +700 Halisha marks(obtained by mobs in Shrine of Loyalty)
Olympiad Cycle: 2 Weeks 20:00 - 22:00 competition period
Seven Signs: The Seal Stones farm period: from Monday 18:00 to Friday 06:00.
The Mammon's period: from Friday 06:15 to Monday 17:45

💥Game Shop💥

D,C,B grade items can be found in GMShop for adena
A & S-Grade by Retail Craft
All consumables are available in shop

Blacksmith of Mammon can be found in Main Town

💥Sub Class:💥

Retail quest is not required
Talking to the chest which appears after death is enough, you don't have to attack to the boss
You need to obtain 4 of the scepters and 250kk adena. To obtain scepters; your level needs to be more than 75
Talk with Class Manager which found in Main Town when you obtain all the required items.
💥Boss Sub Class Spawn💥: 80 Level - Cabrio 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Hallate 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Kernon 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Golkonda 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes


Noblesse Quest is retail
Pouches x5 amount
80 Level - Barakiel 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes

💥Clan & Alliance💥

All clan penalties removed
Max clan members: 46 (Each Royal 1, each Knight has 1 slot. Max clan members 46)
Alliance Limit: 2 clans
Castle Registration NPCs are available in Main Town
Available Castles: Aden, Giran, Rune and Goddard
Castle Siege period every two weeks, every weekend there will be two sieges on Saturday and Sunday first siege will start in 2 week after server is opened


.goldbar buy
.goldbar sell

💥Quests with increased rates💥:

The Finest Food x5
Heart in Search of Power x5
Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2 x5
Supplier of Reagents x5
War with Ketra Orcs x5
War with Varka Silenos x5
Alliance with Ketra Orcs x5
Alliance with Varka Silenos x5
Relics of the Old Empire x5
Gather The Flames x5
The Finest Ingredients Part 1 x5
Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 2 x5
Legacy of Insolence x5
In Search of Fragments of Dimension x5
An Ice Merchant's Dream x5
Protect the Water Source x5
Guardians of the Holy Grail x5
Seekers of the Holy Grail x5
Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe x5
Yoke of the Past x5
A Powerful Primeval Creature x5
Delicious top Choice Meat rate x5
Hunt of the Golden Ram rate x5
Clean up the Swamp of Screams x5
The Zero Hour x10

💥Boss Respawn💥

💥Chaotic Zones: All Epic Bosses💥
80 Level - Queen Ant [Every Friday 21:00] +/- Random 1 hour - QA Ring Drop Chance - 30%
80 Level - Core [Every Thursday 22:00] +/- Random 1 hour - Core Ring Drop Chance - 30%
80 Level - Orfen [Every Monday 22:00] +/- Random 1 hour - Orfen Earring Drop Chance - 30%
80 Level - Zaken [Every Tuesday 21:00] +/- Random 1 hour - Zaken EarringDrop Chance - 100%
85 Level - Frintezza [Every Saturday 22:00] +/- Random 1 hour - Frintezza's Necklace Drop Chance - 100%
80 Level - Baium [Every Saturday 21:00] +/- Random 1 hour - Baium Ring Drop Chance - 100%
85 Level - Antharas [Every Sunday 22:00] +/- Random 1 hour - Antharas Earring Drop Chance - 100%
85 Level - Valakas [Every Sunday 21:00] +/- Random 1 hour - Valakas Necklace Drop Chance - 100%

💥Alliance Bosses💥

80 Level - Hekaton 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Tayr 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Brakki 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Shadith 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Mos 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes
80 Level - Horus 12 Hours +/- Random 30 Minutes

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